Twin Peaks Trilogy


A trilogy of short films that I wrote, directed, and acted in, based on David Lynch and Mark Frost’s TV Series Twin Peaks. I created the first film, “Fire and Moonlight”, as my entry in the 2015 Twin Peaks Festival Short Film Contest.  My film won first place, which inspired me to create a sequel film, “Rituals and Candlelight”, and enter it in 2016. This second film also won first place in the contest. Since all films seem to come as a trilogy these days, I wrote and directed “Secrets and Darkness” to complete the series. (This concluding chapter was twice as long as the competition guidelines, so I did not enter the contest in 2017.) Enjoy!

Twin Peaks: Fire and Moonlight

Twin Peaks: Rituals and Candlelight

Twin Peaks: Secrets and Darkness