We the People: Taxes

I was honored recently to work on an episode of Netflix’s “We the People”, a series of animated music videos designed to teach viewers about U.S. government and history. The series was created by Chris Nee and executive produced by Barack & Michelle Obama. The episode I worked on, “Taxes”, was directed by Victoria Vincent and featured music by Cordae. I was a compositor on the episode, responsible for combining the animation with the backgrounds, adjusting color, and adding shadows to the character animation. I composited roughly 25% of the finished shots in the video:


Doctor Who: The Macra Terror

In 2019, I was invited back by director Charles Norton to work on the animation for the next Doctor Who release, “The Macra Terror”! My role involved animating lighting/shading onto the ToonBoom animated characters, and also doing animation fixes in After Effects. This is a recreation of a now-missing Patrick Troughton story from the 1960s, animated using the soundtrack from the originally-broadcast episodes:

Doctor Who: Shada

In 2017, I was hired by BBC Worldwide as part of the animation crew for “Doctor Who: Shada”. “Shada” was a 6-part Doctor Who adventure written by Douglas Adams (author of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”) that began filming in 1979, but was never completed due to a television industry strike that shut down production. This new project completed the story, blending the live-action footage from 1979 with newly-created animation voiced by the original cast. My role on the production was to animate light and shading onto the Flash-animated characters. “Shada” has been released on Blu Ray and DVD in the UK, and will be released in the US in Autumn 2018.

Marvel’s Black Panther Animated Series

While working at Titmouse Inc animation studio, I served as Line Producer for the Marvel animated mini-series Black Panther. I also did some voice work for the show, playing the role of Everett Ross. Here is Episode 1:

GULP vs. Kale Smoothie

This is a cooking demo for, but with a twist – Cadry is getting assistance in her demo by claymation dinosaur, GULP! I was the DP on the shoot, and did all animation, editing, and compositing as well.