Motion Graphics

Pearson+ Sizzle Video

Sizzle video promoting the Pearson+ online educational subscription service. I storyboarded the video and animated it in Adobe After Effects:

Pearson eText

Product awareness video for Pearson’s eText digital offerings. I storyboarded this project, and did all of the editing, compositing, and animation in After Effects:

Women’s History Month 2021

Social media video created to celebrate Women’s History Month on Instagram. I animated this using After Effects and PhotoShop:

Mastering for Pearson

This is an in-app video for students who purchase the educational software Mastering by Pearson. Allison Grischow walks the viewer through the software, using animation and humor to illustrate its many features. I served as Director, DP, Animator and Compositor on this project:

Juice Box

A short motion graphics video to promote Juice Box, a Pearson product being developed to provide online educational content to areas with low internet accessibility. I served as Animator and Compositor on this project.

ICTCM Conference Promo

I animated the motion graphics and edited the photo montage for the short promotional video for the ICTCM Math Conference: